One of the best ways to prevent the trafficking and exploitation of children is through eradicating one of the root causes of the issue, poverty, through sponsoring a child with Compassion International. We've also partnered with BeLoved Atlanta & Freedom House New Mexico, to provide physical safehouses to women rescued from trafficking. Support these organizations who are fighting the issues of trafficking everyday!


If you or a loved one has ever been a victim of trafficking or treated less than you deserve, there is help and there is hope. We've partnered with an organization for years Celebrate Recovery that we trust can give you the help you need, no matter the circumstance. Through their program, many have found the support, restoration, and community they have been longing for.

Hotline: 888-491-9804


Trafficking happens all around us, even in our local cities. Partner with the anti-trafficking organizations where you live to help spark a change! Together we can make a stand, and the best way to start is in your own community! See a full list of organizations making a difference by clicking below.